Sandun Motors Concept

3D Model designed with Trimble SketchUp

Sandun Motors Concept is just a concept designing as the name describes itself. It began with when one of my cousin asked me to design a house for him which includes an auto repair shop as well. And this was the result...

Sandun Motors Concept Case Study Photo Front Side
Screenshot from the front side.
Sandun Motors Concept Case Study Photo Ground Level
Screenshot from the ground level.
Sandun Motors Concept Case Study Photo Upper Floor
Screenshot of the upper floor.

The entire design is designed from scratch using the Trimble SketchUp software. It contains 34,217 faces, 73,614 edges, 390 components and 27 layers. Total size is approximately 47.3 MB and that's the size of basic textured one as displayed above.

The model contains some third party components, and their original rights are reserved to their respective owners.